The savings listed above are exclusive of other mitigation devices. Premium credits may be increased when other mitigation devices are installed in conjunction with the above device.
6d nails or screws
8d nails or screws
Dimensional lumber
FBC Roof Geometry/Coverings
Asphalt Shingles
Clay or Concrete Tiles
Metal Panels
Single or Double Wraps
Toe Nails/Screws
Structrually Connected
Other Roof to Wall Connectors
A Wind Mitigation Inspection is a valuable inspection service that may significantly reduce your windstorm insurance. Wind Insurance discounts are available for the building features that reduce damage during high speed winds events.
Roof to Wall Connectors
The Wind Mitigation discounts are justified because, stronger, more wind resistive structures have lower windstorm losses, meaning reduced costs to insurance companies. Most existing structures actually do have one or more wind resistive construction features and may qualify for some significant Wind Mitigation insurance discounts.

Wind Mitigation Inspections are available for all single family homes; some townhouses, condos and commercial buildings. Homeowners and Condo Associations also may qualify for wind mitigation credits. Call us today to see if a Wind Mitigation Inspection would be recommended.

Did you know that the State of Florida requires insurance companies to offer reduced rates for certain Wind Mitigation features?

We will document the Wind Mitigation features present in your home and produce a Wind Mitigation Certificate for you to use in order to receive your wind mitigation credits on your Wind Insurance policy

The Wind Mitigation inspection must be performed using the Uniform Mitigation Verification Report Form (OIRB1-1802)-This is the form developed by the Office of Insurance Regulation and may only be completed by a Certified Wind Mitigation Inspector.
Hip Roof
Gable Roof